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K-OVERBOND PLASTIX-27 Quick Repair Kit

K-OVERBOND PLASTIX-27 Quick Repair Kit

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+ Instantly glue together (chemical weld) the edges of a bumper tear or crack leveling the surface to proceed to rebuild the part with PLASTI-HAIR and then K-BOND.

+ Repair quickly and strongly (includes powdered fiber and reinforcing mesh) plastic rivet problems, auto clips, plastic fasteners and more by chemically welding parts back in their place in a matter of minutes.

+ Replace a completely torn or lost plastic fastener or missing spring clip from wheel arch moldings, mud guards, and more moldings using the included flat socket cap screw or nut.

+ Quickly rebuild a plastic bumper tab achieving great quality, without any specialized tools or expensive materials.

+ Repair a broken head light bracket, a broken dashboard or even a steering wheel after a deployed airbag.

+ Fill missing sections in rebuild in minutes

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